Status Update: My Current Works in Progress

Greetings, readers!

I have made a few fun posts on Can't Fake Time, and this blog is feeling a little bit neglected by comparison. I might end up switching this over to a different platform than blogger and transforming into something a little more static while I continue to blog with Rachel over yonder. We'll see.

(Is that too much honesty?)

For now, here's a status update:

I'm currently querying:

  • The Guardian Mermaid, a YA fantasy retelling of The Little Mermaid.
    • In a nutshell: In this reimagining of Hans Christian Anderson's "The Little Mermaid," sisterhood is more than skin and scales. It is forged from a heartstring, tethered to a sword.
I'm currently (most actively) drafting:

  • Secret of the Stars, a YA sci-fi (or space fantasy, maybe?)
    • In a nutshell: Nix would give anything to be able to build doll-sized AI and make some actual friends who won't judge her for her origins. Once she has those friends, she'll cross wormholes and star systems to save them and one of her fathers from nefarious space pirates.
    • Status: Very First Draft. ~143 pages, ~2/3 through the intended storyline.

On the back burner:
  • The Ladies of Paxwood Manor, a YA modern fantasy
    • In a nutshell: Kerry just wants two things before she leaves Paxwood, Washington at the end of her junior year and moves to Shanghai because of her dad's new international job: 1) to confess her love to her best friend Lottie, and 2) to discover the secrets of the haunted Paxwood Manor. Maybe staying overnight in an abandoned haunted manor could accomplish both?
    • Status: Chosen Ones Academy is the "series" I wrote when I was trying to hit a million words in one month for NaNoWriMo.The result was about 420,000 words and six books that... are so, so far from publishable, but still such a treasure trove of ideas. I've used those pantsed novels to build up the world bible and outline the overarching plot. I plotted out this story as the first real book of the series, making sure that it would be self-contained as I did. I got a little bit in to the story and then got inspired by my round one flash fiction piece for NYC Midnight's Flash Fiction Competition to go back to working on Secret of the Stars. But I'll come back to you, Kerry!
  • The Lost Song, a YA fantasy verse novel
    • In a nutshell: Soleia, a songstress-in-training capable of harnessing magic through the element of music, falls victim to the witch Tochera who steals her voice and her magic. When she goes to Ansarai, the most powerful songstress of her time for help, she ends up leading the witch straight to her true target. With Ansarai's death, Tochera poises herself to choke out the Music from all the land. Can voiceless Soleia and a hodge-podge team of friends she makes along the road steal Music back from Tochera and restore balance to the land?
    • Status: This one, I started as part of a verse novels course taught by the wonderful and knowledgeable Jeannine Atkins in my grad school program. I have a solid outline, and when I have enough time for something more poetic and lyrical, I add a poem or two to the pile. It's still in the rising action and a long way from done.
Other stuff, in disarray, to be written some day:
  • In which the only survivor of a massacre at a temple of death priests and priestesses must make the choice between maintaining her own purity or learning to become a thief in order to survive on the mean streets of a desert city and steal back the relics of her temple. Without the relics, she can't perform the sacred rites to lay her friends and family to a peaceful eternal rest. But if she commits too many impure acts, her own soul may become too tainted to perform those rites. To make matters worse, she crosses a crime lord who happens to possess a rare dracling--a baby dragon--and only death priests and priestesses can tame dragons. Can she afford to tame this dragon for the crime lord to save her own life and the life of the sacred beast? Can she afford not to? (Inspired by my childhood love of Ancient Egypt, and dragons, and my adulthood realization that Egypt is located in Africa and is not populated by white people like Hollywood taught me.)
  • In which space smugglers abduct a doctor-in-training from her residency on a farming colony, and she reluctantly has to admit that they might be right about the government being corrupt after she witnesses her government destroy three independent generational ships that refuse to join the Cooperative. Found family in space.
  • Evil vampires that eat dragons and wizards come hunting for the last surviving daughter of the mages who cursed all mirrors to shun vampiric reflections.
  • Rebellious superheroes trying to save a pristine city from the corrupt shadow government of supervillains that keeps it so pristine through means very corrupt indeed.
  • An orphan girl dreams of joining the Seven Thieves--a traveling band of performers renowned across all the civilized lands, the Floating Islands, and even the Fae Realm. Little does she know that they are so very much more than just performers. (Two words: Assassin Violinist.)
  • The Last True Mage is raised in hiding, deep in a Dragon Lord's forest. When a nest of baby draclings is stolen by poachers, she is the lone human who can leave the forest inconspicuously and try to recover the little ones and bring them home safely--but she must do so without revealing what she is because the death of her line of magic could mean the utter destruction the world.
  • Genetically-engineered superhumans escape the lab where they were raised, only to encounter actual demigods descended from the lineage of true ancient gods. Science and magic collide, and it could mean the end of the world as we know it.
  • All the innkeeper's daughter wants is to inherit her family's inn. It's in a great location, a comfortable day's journey out from the capitol city, plenty of traffic. The problem: An epic is in the air. It starts with the king's death, and rumors that the crown prince committed the murder. It escalates when the crown prince shows up in her inn, and his not-so-discreet meal turns into a brawl with the city guard that's hunting for him. The damage in the dining hall was bad enough, but then the youngest daughter of the king comes through pursued by fire demons and burns down half the town. The innkeeper's daughter might as well try to gain favor of the young princess, if only to ensure that she is successfully restored to power and graciously pays for the damage to the inn. But does all this epic nonsense have to be so dramatic?
  • Other stuff.
  • So.
  • Much.
  • Other.
  • Stuff.

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