About Me

Me, at the Winchester Mystery House
 My name is Stephanie Gildart, and I'm an author.

No, I don't have any published books yet. I am actively querying, I've got a dual master's degree from Simmons College in Children's Literature and Writing for Children, and I teach English to middle schoolers.

I'm of the belief that when you apply a label to yourself, you are more likely to live up to that label.

Unfortunately, labeling myself a dragon rider didn't work out so well. Turns out I'd have to move to a reality where dragons can exist in the open to fulfill that dream, and the time flux between realities makes open communication a challenge. I couldn't abandon my friends and family and dogs, not even for dragons, so here I stay.

And, here, I label myself author. A book-writer. A tell-taler. A world-builder. A dreamer and schemer and everything else that author entails.

I currently reside in the East Bay with #TeamFolly--my dogs Fox and Lilly who have an Instagram you can follow.

Fox and Lilly = #TeamFolly
When I'm not writing young adult and middle grade sci-fi/fantasy novels or teaching middle schoolers, I can be caught crocheting, sewing, reading books, and trying to keep up many various fandoms.